Welcome to Open Space Discussion Forum

When will it happen

It is a part of the overall conference program and will take place on the first day after the keynote, i.e., 13:00 - 16:50 CEST on Wednesday July 21.

We look forward to seeing you in the open space!

What is it?

This year, with the all the restrictions and limitations around, we are trying something new to bring back what we treasure so much about conferences: direct interaction and the possibility for spontaneous discussions. The agenda of this experiment is to have no pre-set agenda. You – the participants – will create it on the fly. We only suggest a broad theme:

The future of artificial intelligence – chance or danger?

We are devising systems that become smarter and smarter, and we collecting and analyzing more data than ever. What do we do with it? What can we do with it? What should we be allowed to do with it? Do we still help society and humanity, or will technology ultimately win over common sense? How much control do we want to give artificial intelligence over our energy consumption, our traffic, our lives? Has AI reached a dead end?

The open space will provide room to explore questions like these – and more. You get to propose the topics that will be discussed and to set the agenda for our time together. Think of it as discussion groups forming spontaneously during a lunch break, a welcome reception, or a conference dinner. No stress, no need to deliver a presentation, just an inspiring opportunity to exchange ideas – that’s what open space means.

How does it work?

Open Space Technology is participatory and collaborative; you are invited to speak and share, pose questions, or ask for input. We will have a trained open space facilitator to make sure we are properly organized. The agenda will be created live by attendees present at the opening session. You'll have plenty of chances to exchange ideas and make new connections.

How can I participate?

Just be there. If you want to host a session, announce the topic during the opening and choose a space and time. Otherwise, just choose which breakout session you want to attend.

Is there anything I need to prepare?

No. Just be interested and curious. You may want to think of topics you want to discuss and then propose them at the opening session.